It is Time For You To Book Online

Providing Everything You Need to Know to book Your Appointments online.

There are Now two steps that have to be taken to Book Online.

Step 1: Book Online with our Jane App


Step 2: Pay a NON-Refundable Deposit of $30 via the SECURED link below. But Don't Worry this Deposit is subtracted from your final balance due,


Step 1: The Jane App

We are Going Digital, We have always offered you the ability to book Online. But Now we have a New Electronic Medical Record Called JANE

Not only is Appointments Taken Online but now so our Paperwork and charting (No more Paper and pencil). One less thing to worry about and gets you hydrating Faster.

First time users of Jane will be prompted to create an Account. We Recommend using your email that is easy to remember.

For Group Appointments: Please call us to book or book individual appointments and we will combine the bookings. Thank You.

Step 2: Pay your $30.00 Booking Deposit

Now that You have met Jane its time to pay your booking Deposit online using our secured payment link below through our Preferred Card Processor Swipe Simple


Final Step

Have an Fantastic Time at Your Hydration Appointment