Our Current Events and Special Savings

Making sure you know where you can find your Favorite IV Hydration Friends and Some of their AMAZING Offers to Save You some $$$$ while getting plenty hydrated to concur your day.

Wild Icelandic Horses

Chincoteague Pony Penning Weekend
July 22-31, 2022

SeaRenity IV Hydration will be providing hydration to all the Visitors July 22-31 in Chincoteague during the Pony Penning Event, We will have some Specials there as well so come Check Us OUT!

Have An Event Coming Up?

Do You have an Event or party coming up in the future? Do You Love SeaRenity IV Hydration? Do You want to Have our very own Hydration Team Come Party with you?

If you said YES! You should Call US and we can work out some Deals for You and your Event(s)

Celebrate 4th of July With Us

What Better way to spend the 4th of July Holiday, Then with the SeaRenity Team. Book Your Appointment for the Holiday after or pre Party Today.