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IV Add-ons can be added to IV Hydration therapy sessions for an additional boost! Check out the list below to see which add-ons you want to supercharge your upcoming IV Hydration appointment! If you're unsure whether an IV Add-On is right for your next session, call, text, or email us today.


This add on can be put into any IV cocktail and increases fat burning, aids in nerve growth and decreases muscle fatigue.


B-12 Injection

Just need a quick pick me up? A B-12 injection will give you that quick boost of energy while assisting in red blood cell formation, increasing the oxygen levels in your body and making you feel refreshed.



All of the B vitamins rolled into one add on! This is a perfect add on to your IV cocktail if you want a quick immune boost! It is also beneficial if you feel a migraine trying to rain on your beach parade.



Purported to reverse the aging process, prevents damage caused by free radicals, improves immune function.



Immune booster, huge aid in thyroid health



Add this to any IV cocktail, aids in mood stabilization, fat burner, muscle builder, aids in cognitive function



​Decreases the gastric acid that causes stomach discomfort! Great for the Momma's to be and those that may have indulged a little too much!



Achy muscles? Headache or Migraine? Not any more! This anti-inflammatory helps with pain and inflammation at the same time



​Say bye-bye to nausea and vomiting with a quick add on of Zofran in your IV cocktail


Zofran To Go

Want to take a to go pack of Zofran home for breakthrough nausea? Just say the word!


Vitamin C

Immune boost, Speeds up the body's healing



Immune booster, Shortens the length of cold/flu, increases metabolism.


Vitamin D3

Helps your body absorb calcium. Treats Vitamin D deficiency.



Promotes healthy skin and helps keep hair growth skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy



Commonly used to boost metabolism, promote wound healing, antioxidative reactions, and immune response.


Vitamin B12

Plays an essential role in red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function and the production of DNA


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